Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Boku Super Protein Launch!

Boku International is very proud to announce that the new BoKU Super Protein is now available for purchase.

Our new protein powder has 26 grams of protein in every 30 gram serving! The protein density comes from organic, raw, sprouted brown rice. It also contains coconut, vanilla bean and low-glycemic Vermont maple syrup to give it a mild flavor without added sugar. The taste is really very neutral so it takes on the flavor whatever beverage you put it in.

It is vegan, organic, kosher and completely dairy, gluten, wheat and soy free!

Our protein mixes great with our Boku Super Food for a nutrient rich meal replacement!

Boku Super Protein is available in 30oz eco-friendly pouches for $39.95 ($34.95 on auto-ship!) at:


You can also check out www.bokusuperprotein.com for recipies and more info!

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