Friday, May 27, 2011

The Organic Movement has made its way to Washington DC

What a way to start the day! As I do every morning, I opened The Washington Post and was thrilled to see the 12-page supplement, “The Organic Movement,” delivered on Wednesday, which is the day for the Post’s food section. After months of editorial planning, the 12-page full color spread jumps off the pages with compelling, engaging, and fact-based information on the benefits of organic agriculture and products. This incredible insert will reach over 1.5 million consumers in the official Washington, D.C., market to provide evidence of the positive solutions that organic delivers.

With Congress marking up the 2012 budget this week, it is a tremendous win to get this content circulated in the largest, oldest, and most well-respected paper of record in our nation’s capital. Distinguishing organic products from natural ones, addressing the environmental benefits of organic agriculture, and showing that organic can, in fact, feed the world will help to reinforce OTA’s message to Members of Congress and the regulatory agencies that organic is a critical part of our economy.
OTA authored the Foreword and worked with the publishers on the overall editorial focus, partnership opportunities, and distribution plans to make this supplement as strong as possible. We even secured a significant advertising discount for our members, and are pleased to see that all of the sponsors are OTA members!

In addition to The Washington Post’s 1.5 million readers, a press release was distributed to over 5,000 sites through 200 of the largest online media outlets such as Reuters, Yahoo!, and CNN. We have the publication posted on OTA’s trade and consumer websites, and will keep the conversations going on Facebook and Twitter over the coming weeks. We’ll also share the good news with a family audience of 30,000+ looking to learn more about the organic option during next week’s Strolling of the Heifers in Southern Vermont, and will spread the word during Natural Products Expo East in September.

This 12-page piece has created a strong, unified voice to educate consumers and motivate them to engage in the growing movement of our industry. Please share it with your consumer lists and on your social media platforms. Let us know what you’re hearing in response because plans are already underway for the next edition!

Christine Bushway
Executive Director and CEO
Organic Trade Association

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