Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Latest BoKU Happenings

All of us at BōKU® like to keep our customers abreast of everything happening here that may affect their orders. We also want you to know about exciting change that we are planning to implement in the future.

What’s happening now:

As you all are aware the cost of fuel has gone up. Several of our raw ingredients have also gone up. In lieu of raising our prices we are trying to cut costs where ever we can. Our first approach is shipping. In the past we were strictly using Fed Ex Ground, which was a fast and efficient way to ship but it came at a cost. Since March 1st we have moved 50% of our packages to USPS. It takes a bit longer to get to your door but has two major advantages. First, USPS uses eco-friendly boxes with "cradle to cradle certification," or C2C, this means that they were designed with consideration for energy and water use through the manufacturing process, and end with a product that can be safely recycled. Second, they do not charge us an additional fuel surcharge.

In the near future:

We are switching to a better Customer Relationship Management system in order to streamline the ordering and shipping process. This will also help us in our goal of providing the very best customer service to our fantastic customers. We are also in the process of upgrading our website and shopping cart to make it much more efficient and user-friendly. The new design will give our brand a more consistent feel as we launch new and exciting products!

In the distant future:

Get ready for new and much improved BōKU® Super Food and Super Protein! Since the launch of our BōKU® Super Food formula 3 years ago Dr. Adrezin has found some amazing ingredients that he wants to introduce into our BōKU® Super Food & Super Protein. Expect to see a slight tweak to each of these formulas. Nothing drastic just BETTER & more POTENT! The new Super Protein formula will be brown rice based, similar to the old one, but now it will also include cranberry protein as well as red dulse for a broader spectrum of proteins and amino acids. It will also contain lúcuma fruit for taste instead of coconut, this will make it much smoother in consistency and easier to emulsify in liquid.

Our customers have been invaluable in helping us raise the bar. We truly appreciate each and every one of our customers and look forward to maintaining our high standards in our products and customer service.

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