Friday, January 8, 2010

How to keep Your 2010 New Year’s Resolution!

The top New Year’s resolutions are the same every year, most likely because people find them to just difficult to keep. Statistically, less than half of those who make a resolution will stick to it for six months or more. This is really a shame because many of the most common resolution have to do with getting healthier – lose weight, quit smoking/drinking, exercise more, eat healthier.

Here are some tips to help you go further:
  • Focus on only one resolution
  • Set specific goals
  • Break down into smaller steps with smaller, but measurable goals
  • Chart your progress with a journal, spreadsheet or goal bulletin board
  • Reward yourself for completing each step
  • Always think positively, don’t dwell on failures or negative consequences
  • Share goals with others to remind and support you
  • Take an occasional failure as a minor setback, not a reason to give up
Remember that Rome wasn't built in a day and  don't beat yourself up over minor slip-ups. Believe in yourself and think positively and you will be more likely to make your resolution a reality!

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