Friday, January 22, 2010

Here's Another Reason Why Chlorella and Spirulina Are Good for You!

Not only are both algaes bursting with protein, vitamins, minerals and tons of other nutrients that the human body craves, but they are practically essential cleansing the body of toxic metals (which it does not crave).

According to citizen journalist, Elizabeth Walling:

Spirulina has been shown as an effective chelating agent for removing toxins such as mercury, and radioactive substances from the body. It has also been used to remove cadmium and lead from waste water.

While some detoxifying supplements simply release toxins from cells and tissues, chlorella is particularly adept at binding to toxic metals and ushering them out of the entire system. Chlorella contains proteins and peptides which are designed to bind to these substances and carry them out of the body. The chlorophyll in chlorella also aids heavy metal detoxification.

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