Thursday, January 27, 2011

How BoKU Can Help You Avoid (or Get Rid of) Diabetes

Many of you have heard about diabetes, but don’t know what it is.  Many of you have diabetes and may not even know it! 

The most common form of diabetes, type 2, occurs when the sugar in your blood gets very high, and the cells of your body starve because the sugar can’t get into the cells.  Sugar is needed as food to give your body energy.  With diabetes, the sugar stays in the blood and damages important parts of your body, such as your eyes, blood vessels, kidneys, nerves, etc. 

Diabetes can greatly age a person.  It can make macho men old, blind and impotent!  It can turn beautiful, vibrant women into elderly looking matrons with bad memory and a heart condition!

Diabetes is a great example of a disease that can be prevented and maybe corrected through food and lifestyle.  Moving each day, even light exercise, can help the sugar get out of the blood and into your cells.  A diet featuring whole foods can do a lot to balance your blood sugar.  Eating plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables can not only keep your blood sugar optimal, but provide a wide array of “phytonutrients” to keep your body healthy. 

Most people don’t realize that stress can greatly raise your blood sugar. Relaxation, good sleep, and doing enjoyable activities have the “side benefit” of keeping your blood sugar balanced, and your body in top form.

Boku Super Food is a delicious nutritional powder that contains a wide variety of concentrated organic, nutrient dense foods.  Diabetics, and others, can enliven their bodies with super pure nutrition.

A few of the many potent ingredients included in Boku are: Organic Maca Root Juice, from the mountains of Peru, helps to increase libido, strength/endurance, and help buffer the body from stress.  Organic Hawthorn Berry is known as the “Traditional Heart Tonic.” Organic Nopal and Organic Mesquite Pods are traditional Native American foods that once helped to protect them from diabetes.  Now, eating a Standard American Diet (SAD), diabetes is rampant in the Native American Community. 

There are more than 40 potent ingredients, to supplement a healthy lifestyle, in Boku Super Food.  Boku is committed to making diabetes a thing of the past, thereby keeping men macho and women beautiful!

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