Friday, April 9, 2010

Nutrition by Natalie - The Truth About Coconut

Our favorite health food vlogger Natalie talks about what makes coconut a super food:


  1. What are your thoughts on using coconut sugar as a sugar replacement for baking?

  2. I think it's a great substitute for other sweeteners! Coconut sugar is very low on the glycemic index while being pretty high in nutrients, like potassium, zinc and B vitamins.
    You can also look into coconut flour for your baking too!

  3. Sounds great! I've tried baking with coconut flour a few times since I eat gluten-free due to allergies. I even made something with coconut flour, coconut sugar and coconut oil once! So far I have found you can't use it on it's own as it makes everything very crumbly. Next time I am going to try half white rice flour and half coconut flour.
    I just posted a little something on my blog about coconut, including your video link and a few others. You can see it here.

  4. That's awesome! Interesting about the coconut flour, I'll have to remember that one.
    Have you taken any pictures of your coconut baking? I'd love to see them with your recipes!