Friday, December 18, 2009

This is how you know when a product is good!

This was on the comapny's blog. You know something works when all the executives use it too!

Written by Jay Koh, Vice President of BōKU® International
This is my very UN scientific, but very practical real-world review of the new BōKU® Immune Tonic.
I was getting ready for a string of business trips which would take me to 3 different cities in 7days.  My starting point was Los Angeles, first destination was Seattle, then to Las Vegas, and finally San Francisco for their 2009 GREEN FESTIVAL.   My fear was that in the middle of the most feared flu season in decades, I was exposing myself to thousands of people and high-risk locations where epidemics usually break.  I felt pretty confident that my immune system was up to the challenge but I was happy to find a trial vial of the new BōKU® Immune Tonic in the office.  I decided it would be a good “test” to see how well it might perform in a “real world” situation.

Read the whole "test" here:

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